Vegetable Washer in Agra

Vegetable Washer Manufacturers in Agra

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the top notch vegetable washer manufacturers in Agra. These vegetable washing equipment are suitable for washing all kinds of vegetables. The salient feature of these washers is that they can be used to wash leafy vegetables that normally have a tendency to float on water. As the sustainable time during washing is more, we get the best quality of washing and this washer can be used to wash unclean vegetables as well.

Process of Commercial veggies Washer

The veggies to be washed are fed in the main washing tank. In the washing tank the vegetables are washed with the helical motion of water. The vegetables are then passed on to the vibratory unit fitted with perforated sheets. Due to vibration the veges move forward and are discharged to the next machine. We offer these in optimum quality in Agra.

Commercial Washer Features

  • Washing tank fixed with nozzles, pipeline connection with pump along with valves, perforated tray for collecting waste, slope bottom, drain valve etc.
  • Vibratory unit consisting of Stainless steel frame, SS body, perforated screen, structure for mounting the vibratory motors, springs etc. Arrangement for spray of freshwater in the system is provided including pipeline & nozzles.
  • Collection tank made with Stainless steel legs and body. The tank is made with slope bottom design.
  • Pump for recirculation of water between the main and collection tank

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the top notch vegetable washer suppliers in Agra.

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