Visi Cooler in Agra

Visi Cooler Manufacturers in Agra

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the top notch visi coolers manufacturers in Agra. These specialised coolers are the machines that cool down the products and are capable of maintaining the temperature range between one to ten degrees. These cooling machines are used for keeping the beverages, juices, milk, milk based products, beer, or any other such edibles cool as these mentioned beverages should be kept at lower temperatures.

Types of coolers

There are generally two types of visible coolers, single door and the double door coolers. The single door onescome in three hundred and seventy two liters capacity and six hundred and fifty seven liters. The nine hundred and forty five liters coolers are the double door models. These coolers are found to use refrigerants that are Eco-friendly. We offer these coolers in Agra.

Avail the best quality visible coolers

An internal light is there within these types of coolers and a space is provided on top of the cooler g. A lock and key mechanism is also there. We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the best visi coolers suppliers in Agra.

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