Steam Milk Boiler in India

Steam Milk Boiler Manufacturers in India

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the best steam milk boiler manufacturers in India. Milk boilers are among the most useful and important household appliances aiding countless purposes efficiently. Milk boilers manufactured by us are some of the finest and the most impressive appliances that are technology-driven. These milk boilers are very useful for areas with a cold climate where you require to heat water instantly and efficiently. 

Features of our milk boilers

Milk boilers offered by us in India feature unique traits and are powerful enough to heat water efficiently. You can choose from a large number of different milk boiler models that can heat water or any liquid within a few minutes. These boilers are durable enough to last long and consume low electricity, which eliminates excess energy bills. You can also select customized versions of these products to fit your specific requirements. 

The milk boiler india available with us are useful for hotels, restaurants, homes, outdoor camps and many other places where instant access to hot liquid or water is needed. Whether you want to use these milk boilers for making a cup of tea or coffee or want to heat water, you can do it all. Our Automatic milk boilers offer traits such as auto-safety shut off and wireless products. We offer these at the best prices.

Product Features 

  • Commercial Milk boilers are offered for canteens, hotels & messes.
  • Fully constructed in heavy duty Stainless Steel.
  • Boiler equipped with thermostat control and easy rotary switch for quick response time.
  • Water leveler is equipped in the boiler.
  • Milk outlet faucet provided in the unit.
  • Height adjustable bullet feet.
  • Model available in various capacities.
  • This is mounted on Stainless steel stand with LPG Burner.

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the best steam milk boiler suppliers in India.

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