Vegetable Dehydrator in India

Vegetable Dehydrator Manufacturers in India

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are among the best Vegetable dehydrator manufacturers in India. Dehydration is a preservation process that helps the new age food industries. In the process of dehydration the water contained within the food is reduced to a desirable level for application. In the process of dehydration the moisture present within the food is removed from its micro-organism level, hence preventing it from degrading or spoiling with time. The latest dehydrating techniques help to prevent the flavor, color, aroma and vitamin levels.

We provide a high end dehydrator that fits the requirements of our esteemed customers. Our dehydration plants offered in India are engineered in such a way that the output adheres to the international food and safety standards as well as providing fast and efficient operations.

We provide both batch type and continuous dehydrating plants. Our offered dehydrators are easy to install and advanced to set and monitor dehydrating time, moisture levels, weight of food under process at different times.

Feature of Our Dehydrators:

  • Easy to understand digital control panel
  • Low energy loss
  • Robust in design
  • Longer life
  • Controllable moisture level

Application Areas of these dehydrators

Dehydrators find application in following industries:

  • Packaged and Instant Foods
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Sugar plants
  • Food preservation industries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Paper Industries

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are among the best Vegetable dehydrator suppliers in India.

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