Pasteurizing Machine in Uttar Pradesh

Pasteurizing Machine Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the foremost pasteurizing machine manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. Milk Pasteurization Machine is mainly used to make products safe to eat or drink. This helps to increase shelf life and reduce spoilage. Pasteurization can also be used to alter the properties of the end product. 

Milk Pasteurization Machine Manufacturers

The heat exchanger plates and frames of this machine are made of stainless steel. The milk and the heating circuit are also equipped with stainless steel pumps. The milk is mildly heated indirectly by the heating system using hot water. Our pasteurisation unit comes with all the necessary equipment for automatic Milk Pasteurization Machine as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder in Uttar Pradesh. The machine constitutes a tested filter system and a cleaning system.

Technical Specifications:

Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators

Electric boiler with hot water circulation pump

Two product pumps - one delivers the product from the receiver tank through the heat recovery section, while the second pump is used as a safety over pressure pump through the pasteurizer, causing a high security pressure gap between outgoing and incoming product.

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, are the foremost pasteurizing machine suppliers in Uttar Pradesh.

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