Planning and Designing of Commercial Kitchen in Uttar Pradesh

Planning and Designing of Commercial Kitchen in Uttar Pradesh

We, at Cookman cooking equipment, offer Planning and designing of commercial kitchen in Uttar Pradesh. Your success in a food business relies majorly on the kitchen design. A strong and effective design will make your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. This means everything must be planned long before you open your restaurant or a hotel. Everyone knows you need highly trained staff, best functioning equipment and a chef who knows what they are doing – but a main part of your operation is the design of your commercial kitchen.

The myth suggests there are three key factors, but the truth is there are five main aspects to the optimum commercial kitchen design. These are as follows -

  1. Storage: Ingredients must be kept fresh and free from contamination and should be stored at the right temperature depending on the product. Utensils must be easily accessible.
  2. Food Preparation: Whether you are chopping onions or poultry, it is important to segregate different types of food during prep.
  3. Meal Cooking: The location of the cooking equipment is important for a smooth operation.
  4. Service: Efficient kitchen design indicates that the staff have rapid and safe access to the pass without disrupting the kitchen flow.
  5. Cleaning and Washing: Plates, glasses, cutlery need to be washed before reuse. A well designed wash-up that allows adequate space for sorting and handling together with the correct dishwasher is vital.

It's according to these five stations you must base your kitchen design, and it is essential that your kitchen flows. Kitchen workers need commuting space and easy access to most-used points, such as a sink.

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