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Four Door Refrigerator Manufacturers in Faridabad

Exterior cladding # 22 ga. S.S. sheet and Interior cladding # 22 ga. S.S. sheet w/ 2”
thk. Puff insulation. Front of unit shall be provided with #20 ga. SS insulated spring
operated doors with gasket and with four nos. plastic handles, each door hinged
towards the sides,supported by 8 mm SS flat . Internal temperature -0 deg. to minus -
5 deg. to be maintained. Refrigerant to be CFC free-R-134A. To provide two (2) nos.
wire shelving of SS 6mm thick wire, dully spot welded and adjustable bracket
assembly. Front of the unit shall have panel for partition into 2 equal sections. Top
of unit shall be provided with 1H.P Emerson make hemetically sealed
compressor w/ louvered access panels,, independent controls, digital control ,
digital display on / off swith'. Bottom of internal tank shall be provided with 1.5” dia
drain outlet and 18 ga. S.S. drip tray with integral handles. Unit shall be mounted on
1-1/2” dia, 6” high s.s. legs. with adjustable nylon bullet feets.
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